The secret to getting individuals to do greenhouse renovations is to start small. I believe you’ll be ready to go on to bigger things once you realize they’re simple and can genuinely make a major difference in your annual costs and home comfort levels.

1. Lower Your Room Temperature

Reduce the temperature in your room by maybe 1°C – if you have one or more room thermostats.  Lowering the temperature by 1°C could save you over fifty euros per year.

Reduce the temperature of your hot water cylinder thermostat. It should preferably be set at 60 degrees Celsius. If you have one and it’s above this degree, lowering it to 60°C means your boiler won’t have to fire for as long to get your water up to temperature. This means it’ll use less fuel.

2. Close Your Curtains and Close Internal Doors

Close your curtains since the heating effect of solar radiation diminishes as the sun sets. Closing your curtains will assist retain the heat inside while also reducing draughts. By closing internal doors, you can keep the heat in the areas you’re in. You should also avoid heating rooms that aren’t being used.

3. Install a Draft Excluder

Stopping drafts around doors and windows could save you some good money in the long run.

4. Switch Off Lights

Always make it a habit to turn off the lights whenever you leave a room.

5. Install Energy-Saving Light Bulbs

While the initial expense of energy-saving light bulbs may look costly, they are one of the most cost-effective green home upgrades you can make. In terms of payback time, they are much better than traditional light bulbs.

Consider that energy efficient bulbs usually pay for themselves in less than a year. They also last significantly longer than standard bulbs.

There are a variety of methods to incorporate green home improvements into your home, and they don’t have to be expensive. Sometimes, you might not even incur any costs.

The key is to make as many of these tiny adjustments as possible, and you’ll see a difference in your costs.

After that, you might want to start making larger and greener home renovations.

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