Write For Us

While has some talented editors, we can’t possibly cover the field of green/low-power design with both the breadth and depth that it requires. Design articles in particular are one place where we could use your help.

What We Want

We’re always looking for high quality, in-depth contributed articles that address the power-related issues with which our readers are grappling. A very partial list includes:

  • Power management
  • System-level design
  • Hardware/Software co-design
  • Analog/mixed-signal design
  • Wireless communications
  • Multicore design
  • Software and operating system (EDA tools, RTOSes, applications)
  • Power sources (batteries, fuel cells, solar, wind, energy harvesting)

How We Want It

We’re looking for design articles, not tricked out marketing fluff—which is why we want material written by engineers, for engineers. We’ll excise any straight product pitches and reject any articles that look like one. Take a problem-solving approach: “This is the problem, this is how to solve it.” You can use your product as part of an example or story of how you solved the problem, but please let it go at that.

Regarding style, imagine you’re writing for a very smart colleague who just doesn’t happen to be quite as up to speed on the topic as you are. Write in a conversational tone; this doesn’t mean skimp on the technical details, just write in a way that’s easy to understand.

If you have a story you’d like to submit, please send an abstract first. Once we agree on the topic and story angle, we’ll give you the go ahead. Since we’re an online magazine, you don’t need to worry about editorial timelines or calendars (though the latter are coming). Stories can be any length, but less than 1500 words is generally pretty short and over 2500 words gets a bit tedious. Send along 2-4 fairly high-res graphics (JPG, GIF or PNG) with captions to match keyed to the text. We’ll also need a short author bio (photo optional).

Once we’ve got your final story in hand, we’ll generally publish it the next day. And push it out on our RSS feed. And feature it in our monthly newsletter. And send you the clip. But we’ll leave it to your colleagues to take you out for a beer.

Submit a Press Release

Please put on your email distribution list. We clip the various wires to make sure we haven't missed anything, but bandwidth, serendipity and priorities all have an impact. If you'd like to submit a press release right now, click the following button: Please send in it Word format with separate graphics. A graphic increases the chance that we'll write it up and/or post it and that readers will notice it.