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Silicon Labs Enhances Flexibility and Functionality of Simplicity Studio Development Environment

-- Simplicity Studio Platform Adds Capacitive Sensing Profiling and Support for Mac OS X and Linux Operating Systems --

AUSTIN, Texas – June 25, 2014 – Silicon Labs today announced updates to the Simplicity Studio development platform enabling developers to use their favorite computing environment and analyze the performance of capacitive sensing applications. The Simplicity Studio platform provides unified support for Silicon Labs’ ARM-based 32-bit EFM32 Gecko microcontrollers (MCUs) and 8051-based 8-bit MCUs, which provide energy-friendly embedded processing solutions for a wide range of Internet of Things and industrial automation applications. 

The Simplicity Studio platform is designed to make the development process easier, faster and more efficient by providing designers with everything they need to complete their projects from initial concept to final product. Graphical hardware configuration tools automatically configure the MCU, freeing developers from the time-consuming task of perusing documentation. Developers can get projects up and running in minutes with sample demos and code examples.

Simplicity Studio is available now to developers at no charge. Developers can download the complete development platform including the Simplicity IDE and development tools by visiting

Simplicity Studio Highlights

  • New: Mac OS X and Linux support in addition to existing Windows OS support
  • New: Support for Silicon Labs’ new C8051F97x capacitive touch sensing MCUs
  • New: Capacitive Sense Profiler tool enabling developers to view the library’s measured performance on C8051F97x and C8051F99x MCU families, providing real-time output of measured counts as well as button/slider event detection
  • Eclipse-based integrated development environment (IDE) for both 8- and 32-bit MCUs
  • Auto-configuration for connected MCU, simplifying embedded development
  • energyAware Profiler to analyze power consumption and optimize code for EFM32 MCUs
  • energyAware Designer to configure EFM32 MCU pinouts and generate C-code
  • energyAware Battery to estimate battery life and/or power consumption for EFM32 MCUs
  • Configurator tool to quickly configure 8051 MCUs and generate C-code for pinout, peripherals and mode transitions
  • Complimentary Keil PK51 development tools for 8051 MCUs and GNU Compiler Collection (GCC) build tools for EFM32 MCUs
  • One-click access to demos, software examples, data sheets, application notes, technical support and community forums

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