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TI brings leading Bluetooth Smart technology to automobiles for smartphone and wire-replacement applications

SimpleLink CC2541-Q1 wireless microcontroller delivers new automotive use cases through low power, reduced cost and simplified design

DALLAS (April 22, 2014) – Texas Instruments (TI) today announced the SimpleLink Bluetooth low energy CC2541-Q1, a highly-integrated wireless microcontroller (MCU) that delivers low power, low cost, and simplified automotive connectivity to emerging smartphone-controlled and wire-replacement applications. The CC2541-Q1 leverages the success of TI’s broad-market Bluetooth Smart solution (SimpleLink CC2541) and automotive connectivity offerings for combo Wi-Fi, Bluetooth and GNSS (WiLink 8Q) and dual-mode Bluetooth (BL6450Q).

The CC2541-Q1 is targeted at an emerging market of new automotive features aimed at using Bluetooth Smart technology to make it easier for consumers to get information and control automotive systems. These new features include:

  • Smartphone-controlled applications:
    • Keyless entry using a Bluetooth Smart Ready smartphone or Bluetooth Smart key fob, either standalone or in conjunction with TI’s leading car access solutions
    • Lighting controls to deliver ambient, clustered and programmable LED lighting
    • Diagnostic information to help users understand engine warning lights
    • Services with iBeacon technology for fast discovery and easy pairing with in-car Bluetooth Smart technology
  • Wire replacement, which reduces weight and cost, and in turn increases fuel economy in:
    • Wireless infotainment controls in the steering wheel
    • Low data rate systems for control, personalization settings and alerts via smartphone
    • Bluetooth Smart remotes for rear seat entertainment systems

The SimpleLink CC2541-Q1 is based on TI’s market leading CC2541 which is deployed today in a wide variety of applications spanning consumer, industrial, medical and home applications worldwide. The CC2541-Q1 is a complete solution with TI’s BLE-Stack software and sample applications including over-the-air download support for in-field updates.

SimpleLink Bluetooth low energy CC2541-Q1 features and benefits



  • Full system solution:
    • Integrated wireless MCU
    • Royalty-free TI protocol stack, profile software and sample applications
    • Development kits, technical documents and worldwide support
  • Early realization of low-power, single-mode Bluetooth Smart sensor applications
  • Controller, host and application with integrated Flash on one 6 mm x 6 mm device
  • Supports analog and digital peripherals
  • Flash-based firmware can be updated in the field and persistent data can be stored on-chip
  • Planned support for Bluetooth 4.1 as well as proprietary modes at 250Kbps, 500Kbps, 1Mbps and 2Mbps
  • Simplified design with one-chip, integrated and flexible solution
  • Applications can be written directly onto the CC2541-Q1
  • Ultra-low power Bluetooth low energy operation
  •  Less than 1 microamp (mA) of sleep currentwith RTC and RAM retention
  • Can operate on a coin cell battery
  • Low average power allows application to remain on while the automobile is off
  • 95 dB link budget
  • Best-in-class coexistence with other 2.4 GHz devices
  • Link reliability supports high performanceapplications
  • -40 to 105 degrees C temperature rating
  • Performance in extreme conditions faced in the automotive market

Pricing and availability

The SimpleLink Bluetooth low energy CC2541-Q1 wireless MCU is sampling now and is expected to be available in volumes in 3Q 2014. To speed time to market of Bluetooth Smart automotive designs, CC2541 development kits can be used including the evaluation module kitmini development kit and SensorTag development kit. For pricing information, please contact your local TI sales representative.

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