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Lower cost and memory variant of the Nordic Semiconductor nRF51422 for cost sensitive ANT sensor products  

The new SoC offers an identical feature set as the existing nRF51422 ANT/Bluetooth Smart device but with a more economic flash memory cut. This positions the nRF51422 128kB as an ideal solution for cost-sensitive ANT/ANT+ sensor applications  

Oslo, Norway - 2014/03/10 - Nordic Semiconductor ASA today announces the immediate availability of a lower cost variant of its award-winning nRF51422 multiprotocol SoC (System-on-Chip) that will offer an identical feature, peripherals, and performance set but half the Flash memory at 128kB (instead of 256kB) and be based on the same nRF51 Series technology platform.

Engineers still have all the innovative features and flexibility associated with other nRF51 series SoCs, ARM Cortex M0 CPU optimized for ultra low-power wireless applications. The 2.4GHz radio offers -90dBm sensitivity in ANT mode at 1Mbs and the device can operate from coincell batteries down to 1.8v supply whilst drawing peak currents of just above 10mA giving many months and even years of battery life. The device is on-air compatible with all existing Nordic ANT products.

This new device compliments the existing nRF51422 (256kB) Flash SoC by targeting the most price sensitive applications that run in high volumes. Such sensors can be for sports and health, medical and wellness and industrial and commercial applications.

The nRF51422 offers complete pin-compatibility with the existing nRF51422 (256kB) and so can be used as a drop-in replacement for any existing nRF51422-based designs that can operate with 128kB of Flash memory, allowing smooth, seamless migration across devices, which is a hallmark of the nRF51 Series. There is no requirement to re-qualify with teleregulatory bodies with this change.

"Many markets where the nRF51422 (256kB) device is the part of choice have seen significant growth over the last few years. the sports and fitness and health and wellness markets in particular have begun to offer products to a wider range of consumers at the entry-level. The nRF51422 (128kB) addresses this need for consistent functionality whilst shaving off costs where they can be implemented," explains Geir Langeland, Nordic Semiconductor's Director of Sales and Marketing. " This now allows companies to offer a broader range of product offerings at appropriate proce points without sacrificing features and performance".

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