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TI introduces SimpleLink Bluetooth module with enhanced audio and Bluetooth low energy capabilities  

New devices and modules build upon TIís connectivity leadership with one of the first Bluetooth 4.1 offerings  

DALLAS (March 5, 2014) – Texas Instruments Incorporated announced the expansion of its SimpleLink Bluetooth CC256x portfolio with the addition of new modules and audio reference designs for rapid prototyping, development and production. These new solutions are Bluetooth 4.1 certified and include updates such as on-chip audio encoding and decoding as well as new Bluetooth low energy capabilities. Now the SimpleLink Bluetooth dual mode portfolio will allow customers to create a range of innovative audio solutions for applications such as toys, Bluetooth speakers, audio streaming accessories, sports/heath fitness and more. For more information about CC256x, visit

The new SimpleLink Bluetooth modules from TI are based on the CC2564 dual mode solution and include all components that allow it to be FCC/IC and CE certifications. Furthermore the CC256x family has been updated with new on-chip audio processing allowing for SBC (subband coding) encode and decode to be offloaded from the external host. By keeping the audio path external to the host microcontroller (MCU), the solution allows a greater range of suitable host MCUs, driving down system cost and power consumption.

TI is making it easier to develop Bluetooth audio with any MCU such as ultra-low power MSP430F5529, MSP43055438 and Tiva C Series microcontrollers. Also, this platform is supported with the flexibility of multiple devices and tools:

  • TI offers flexible software options licensed from Stonestreet One for all silicon versions including royalty-free Bluetopia Bluetooth stacks, profiles and sample applications for Bluetooth, Bluetooth low energy, assisted audio and ANT.
  • The new CC256x device is pin-to-pin compatible with previous TI devices.
  • The CC2564 Bluetooth solution is now offered in a module from TI. FCC/IC and CE certification is coming later in 2Q, along with an evaluation module board for easy evaluation.
  • Reference designs for low cost speakers and toy applications include:
    • TI’s Bluetooth audio sink reference design utilizing the SimpleLink CC256x device, an ultra-low power MSP430F5229 MCU with 1.8V glueless interface to CC256x, a TAS2505 digital input class-D speaker amplifier, and bq24055 single cell Li-ion battery charger. All are supported with a Bluetooth stack, profiles and sample app, which enable developers to quickly add audio streaming capabilities from a phone or tablet to their products. See the reference design in action in this video.
    • TI’s Bluetooth audio source reference design, expected later 2Q, features the SimpleLink CC256x device, an ultra-low power MSP430F5229 MCU, a TLV320ADC3101 stereo ADC converter and bq24055 single cell Li-ion battery charger. It is an ideal solution to enable the sourcing of Bluetooth audio.

Pricing and availability
SimpleLink CC256x Bluetooth solutions are available now through TI authorized distributors:

  • CC2560 $1.86 in 1,000 unit volumes
  • CC2564 $2.14 in 1,000 unit volumes
  • CC2564MODN $4.97 in 1,000 unit volumes available in 2Q

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