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Connected Television Peripherals Semiconductor Forecast 2012-2018

Santa Clarita, California, December 3, 2013 – Encore Info has announced the availability of its new worldwide market research report for the semiconductor components that provide the connectivity and processing performance for connected TVs peripherals. The report covers cost and worldwide shipments of streaming controllers (systems solely dedicated to connectivity), game consoles, Blu-ray players, and set-top boxes. The research report “Connected TV Peripherals Semiconductor Forecast 2012-2018” is a new study of the global and regional shipments of peripherals that can add, track, and upgrade network connectivity and application processing to TVs.

By 2018, Encore Info forecasts that the global market for semiconductor components providing the connectivity and application support in connected TV peripherals will reach over 10.6 Billion US Dollars.

“A profound shift in business is taking place with Set-tops and paid-for DVD rental services in one corner defending themselves and in the other corner, the less expensive and free-of-charge Internet entertainment offerings that find increasing numbers of followers” said Encore Info principal analyst Robert Cravotta, “the result is the quick evolution we see in connected TV peripheral market, making it an opportunity for OEMs that design peripherals and companies that provide the SoCs and modules necessary for wirelessly accessing online entertainment, games, Apps, and Internet sites by consumer televisions” Cravotta explained.

The 55-page “Connected Television Peripherals Semiconductor Forecast 2012-2018” and accompanying spreadsheets are available electronically through Encore Info for the price of $1995. The report covers worldwide and regional analysis and forecast of revenue and shipments for connectivity semiconductors contained in three segments of connected television peripherals. The included 17 tables also cover ASP and BOM (bill of materials) of the connectivity semiconductors used in each of these segments. Additional details about the report are available at

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