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Analog Devices Introduces the Industry’s Lowest Power Digital Isolators

The ADuM144x family of iCoupler digital isolators reduces power by a factor of 1,000 compared to optocouplers to improve energy efficiency and comes in the industry’s smallest package

NORWOOD, Mass. Nov. 13, 2013 13:00 UTC --(BUSINESS WIRE )-- Analog Devices introduced today the ADuM144x family, the industry’s lowest power digital isolators. Based on ADI’s proprietary iCoupler technology, the ADuM144x can be powered by as little as 1 μW of power, delivering power levels over 1,000 times lower than optocouplers and competing digital isolators. At these levels the ADuM144x family is ideally suited for industrial and instrumentation systems such as 4-20 mA current loops, remote sensors and green systems that demand high energy efficiency or depend on limited power sources, such as batteries. Watch this video to learn more about the ADuM144x low power digital isolators:

The ADuM144x are quad-channel data isolators available in three different channel configurations with a one-minute isolation safety rating of 2.5 kV rms. They have an operating voltage range of 2.25 V to 3.6 V, further reducing power constraints and providing the lowest isolator operating voltage on the market. Quiescent power supply current at 2.5 V is less than 5 μA per channel, and power supply current at 2 Mbps is less than 380 μA per channel. A power saving mode can reduce current levels to as little as 0.1 μA per channel, resulting in an industry-best 1 μW of total power for the entire isolator. In addition to the significant power savings, the ADuM144x is also available in a 16-lead QSOP package, making it the industry’s smallest quad-channel digital isolators with a 2.5 kV rms isolation rating.

“The ADuM144x is a natural extension of our iCoupler digital isolator product family which includes the highest performance, most reliable isolators on the market. With the industry’s increased focus on energy efficiency, we recognized that our core iCoupler technology was the only isolation technology on the market capable of achieving such low power levels. We worked with customers to define this breakthrough product family and enhance our capabilities to serve their system needs,” said David Krakauer, product line manager of Analog Devices’ isolation and interface product line.

The ADuM144x family employs the same iCoupler chip-scale transformer technology used in ADI’s full line of safety isolation products and used in the more than one billion channels of isolation shipped in over ten years. The ADuM144x in the 16-lead QSOP package is in production and available today with versions in different packages, channel counts and higher isolation ratings forthcoming.

Pricing and Availability

Product       Availability       Price

(1K units)

ADuM144xARQZ       Now       $1.98       4 mm x 5 mm, 16-lead QSOP
ADuM144xARSZ       January 2014       $2.48       7.2 mm x 5.3 mm, 20-lead SSOP
Eval Board       Now       $49.00        



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