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300mA LDO Regulators from Advanced Power Electronics Corp. have Low Quiescent Current

Include current and thermal shutdown protection features

Sept 2013, San Jose, CA - Advanced Power Electronics Corp. (USA) has announced a new series of low drop-out linear regulators that include current and thermal shutdown protection features. APE8800A-HF-3 positive linear regulators have a very low quiescent current of about 30µA, an output voltage accuracy of ±2%, and can supply a guaranteed 300mA of output current with a drop-out voltage of only 250mV.

APE8800A-HF-3 regulators are able to operate with low ESR ceramic output capacitors as small as 1µF for stability. As well as current limit protection, the APE8800A-HF-3 also offers an on-chip thermal shutdown feature providing protection against overload or conditions where the junction temperature may exceed the specified thermal shutdown temperature.

The new regulators are available with several fixed output voltages from 1.2V to 5V, and are packaged in low-profile, space-saving RoHS/REACH-compliant halogen-free 5-lead SOT-23-5 and TSOT-23-5 packages.

Comments Ralph Waggitt, President/CEO, Advanced Power Electronics Corp. (USA): “These efficient, miniature and well-protected devices are suitable for applications including DSC, wireless devices, LCD modules, battery power systems, card readers and PDAs.”

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